iOS Development: Mobile Apps for Marketing and Business

Newa Studio is an Anchorage company that can provide you with a solution for your iOS mobile development needs. iOS is a mobile operating system that is used on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPad. When developing an iOS application meant for public use, the app must be submitted and pass Apple's strict development standards. Newa Studio is a member of the iPhone Developer Program and has created apps which were approved by Apple and are now available on the App Store. We have an extensive toolset for iOS development, including XCode IDE, iPhone SDK, Objective-C.


Newa Studio is a professional android applications development company that offers world class applications founded on the latest Android platform. We create Android solutions that make the best use of this mobile operating system to create revolutionary applications that are not only client specific, but also user oriented.
We have earned a sterling reputation on the market for the quality of our apps and the fact that they are value for money. Our company is an expert development company that has an in-depth understanding of the Android OS and the market for its applications. We leverage this knowledge to build custom apps that meet all clients’ requirements and help them satisfy their objectives, right down to the last letter.


Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking websites and is quickly becoming a powerful and cost effective portal, ideal for organisations to create that ‘brand connection’ in the Web2.0 world.

What are Facebook applications?

Most Facebook users today use 3rd party Facebook applications to add some fun and personality to their Facebook profile. Their purpose is to generate content that the user finds is relevant or of interest to them.

There is virtually an application for everything, ranging from a Facebook application that reminds a user when their favourite band is coming to town to a slide show of a collection of sentimental photos. The great thing about Facebook applications is that if it is to be added to a profile, the users listed as a individual’s ‘friends’ are sent an option of also using it. The application then circulates at such a rapid rate exposure is viral.

Working with Newa's of marketing and design experts, we can create custom Facebook applications for your business, created in such a way it targets a specific demographic, whether it’s a tween market or expecting mothers, it is relevant in promoting your product or service and to your customers. The possibilities are endless as each application is designed specifically around an organisations product or service. The result is viral – once posted on Facebook users can repeatedly install your own brand application which generates massive amounts of continuous traffic to your website and expands your brand to significant proportions.